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MH Plugins for AAX|DSP* & Native, AU, VST
(Mac or Windows, 32 & 64 bit)
*All plugins except MH Dirty Delay support AAX|DSP
List Price Sale Price
Production Bundle
The Essential Plugin-Bundle
$699 $199
The Legendary Channel Strip Plugin Top Engineers Cannot Work Without
$179 $29
20+ Luscious Analog Distortion Models
$179 $24
Dirty Delay
Musical Feedback Delay with a Vintage Sound
$179 $24
Low-Latency High-End Hardware Reverb Sound
$179 $24
Multiband Dynamics
Essential Compressor Plugin for Mixing/Mastering
$179 $24
Multiband Expander
Control, Manage & Suppress Noise Quickly
$179 $24
Precision DeEsser
A Surgical Strike On Stubborn Sibilance
$179 $24
The Ultimate Transient Modifier & Waveshaper
$179 $24
MH SpectraFoo
Standalone Metering & Analysis Software
(for Mac OS X)
List Price Sale Price
SpectraFoo Complete
Ideal for Live Sound and Mixing
$549 $199
SpectraFoo Standard
More Than 15 Metering Tools for Production, Performance, Mastering or Broadcast
$299 $99
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Metric Halo 3d Interfaces are shipping NOW!

Now's the perfect time to upgrade and expand your system with
Metric Halo 3d Technology!

The Metric Halo 3d Upgrade completely refreshes your Metric Halo devices for the next leg of the digital revolution.

MH 3d replaces all the digital & computer interfacing on your hardware with up-to-date, cutting-edge implementations, including

All new MH devices include 3d technology.

Visit the following links, to learn more about Metric Halo 3d and the Metric Halo 3d Early Access Program (going on now):

Metric Halo 3d Early Access - Overview & Tech Specs

Metric Halo 3d Software Public Beta
3d Interfaces
Preamps / ADDA Converters
List Price Sale Price
New ULN-8 3d
Archival Grade w/ 8 Mic Pres +DSP
$3995 $3195
New LIO-8/4p 3d
Archival Grade w/ 4 Mic Pres +DSP
$3495 $2895
New LIO-8 3d
Line-Level Conversion +DSP
$2995 $2495
New 2882 3d
w/ 8 Mic Pres +DSP
$1795 $1595
New ULN-2 3d
w/ 2 Pristine Mic Pres +DSP
$1595 $1395
3d Upgrades List Price Sale Price
3d Upgrade for 2d Units $599 $499
3d Upgrade for Legacy Units $649 $549
Expand your Options!
3d EdgeCards 1
List Price Sale Price
SPDIF • AES 2 $100 $90
SPDIF • MIDI $100 $90
SPDIF x2 • ADAT x2 3 $200 $180
SPDIF x1 • ADAT x2 $180 $160
ADAT x4 $200 $180
AES (8 Chan) $250 $225
MADI Copper • Optical $450 $405
MADI Copper x4 $450 $405
MADI Optical x2 $600 $540

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1 MH EdgeCards are OPTIONAL: MH 3d preserves the same I/O in MH 2d hardware. EX: ULN-2 & 2882 3d Upgrades each come with the MH EdgeCard - AES/SPDIF included, and ULN-8 & LIO-8 3d Upgrades continue to support DB-25 AES, SMPTE and MIDI ports found in ULN-8 2d & LIO-8 2d.
2 The MH EdgeCard - AES/SPDIF is included with all ULN-2 3d / 2882 3d unit and upgrade orders.
3 MH EdgeCard - 2xSPDIF 2xADAT2 is only available for ULN-8 3d / LIO-8 3d.

Stack of ULN-8s with all EdgeCard options


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