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Routing the Internal Signal Generator (requires Foo Complete) [message #86117] Thu, 24 July 2014 12:25
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This image is taken from the SpectraFoo manual.


To get to the Analyzer Routing Window goto WINDOW / SHOW ROUTING WINDOW or use the COMMAND T key stroke.


This is what the routing window looks like. Notice that Internal 1 / 2 have been assigned as Out 1 / Out 2.


Using a Metric Halo audio interface such as a 2882, your signal generator will now show up as DAW 1 / DAW 2 in your mixer (if you have configured the mixer to include those channels). I typically configure the mixer to include DAW 1, DAW 2 (mono) and DAW 1/2 (stereo pair). For measurements, I use a mono DAW channel (most of the time just DAW 1) and keep DAW 2 and DAW 1/2 (stereo) muted. For listening to stereo material, I mute DAW 1 & unmute DAW 1/2 (stereo). This way, I can move between measurement mode and listening mode with stereo material without adjusting any of my related channel parameters (pan, level, etc...)

In order to measure audio passing through MIO Console, you assign channels / outputs to FW busses (typically at the direct out point at the top of the channel strip). Then select the appropriate FW buss in Foo's Transfer Function Controls window for taking the desired measurement.


This image is a typical measurement configuration. Note that the inputs are muted. Otherwise you will be feeding your inputs to the outputs (with a typical main buss configuration) and this might cause feedback, bad measurements, etc...The only unmuted signal should be DAW 1 or DAW 1/2 (not both) at any given time.


If you're using a non MH audio device with Foo, things are a bit different. If there are users who are interested in an explanation of these differences, let me know.

ra byn (robin)
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