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Use as a live performance mixer [message #88045] Sat, 10 July 2021 15:41
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I have had this dream for some time to use an audio interface as a standalone live creative performance mixer, to replace a hardware mixer plus effects units while at the same time giving ultimate flexibility in terms of routing.

My setup would be a few instruments, synths, or samplers going straight into the interface, and then:

1. Use onboard DSP for compression and EQ plus reverb and delay as (shared) send fx
2. External MIDI (or OSC, or whatever other protocol) control over channel audio level, sends, mutes

It would be great if the interface + effects can operate completely standalone because for live use it would be a comfort to not depend on a running computer.

The UAD platform is well known for 1 but can't do 2.

My current RME interface can do 2 but its built-in DSP effects are only for "utilitarian purposes", meaning the quality of the effects is super basic and not meant to be recorded or listened to as part of a musical composition.

I just learned about the Metric Halo 3d interfaces and their +DSP platform. The use of FPGA sounds like music to my ears. More than the marketing-heavy and aging UAD Shark DSP platform.

I have already found somewhere on this forum that the MH mixer should be controllable via MIDI, so I guess my remaining question would be; Does the DSP platform have everything you'd want to shape the sound (compression, eq, delay, reverb) and in a quality that can compete with the effects boxes that you'd normally use as a musician?

If the compressors can be set up to use side-chain input that would be awesome.

A nice-to-have would be to have remote control over DSP effect parameters preferably via MIDI.

Of course, I could accomplish all this by routing the audio of any interface through a DAW, but I would not trust that enough for use in a live situation.

I hope I found the platform to make this possible Smile

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