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Mute function with Contour Shuttle not working in background [message #88050] Sun, 18 July 2021 11:28 Go to next message
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I've searched the forum ( and the Manual )without success but let me know if this has already been covered

(i'm on Big Sur/ M1 )

The control of the MUTE button of the monitor controller works when i am in MIO Console but not in the background ( for example in while working in Nuendo )

I made a MIO application setting in the Contour Shuttle software ( so i'm not using global settings, which could create a conflict between applications)

I tried changing the key command in MIO as well

Let me know if there is anyone has a solution


Re: Mute function with Contour Shuttle not working in background [message #88189 is a reply to message #88050] Wed, 05 January 2022 02:32 Go to previous message
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Configuring Contour ShuttleXpress for Media Controls:

This article describes the configuration I use for my Contour ShuttleXpress to control media player software. Feel free to skip directly to the configuration steps (Putting It All Together).

I need to control media player software playing, pausing, and controlling volume on a PC while the monitors, keyboard, and mouse are switched to a different PC. (I happen to use Microsoft Groove, the deafult media player for Windows 10, but this solution should work with the media player software of your choice.) The Contour ShuttleXpress is a great hardware solution for this problem. I have also worked on erp for small businesses, fully depending on this. You can read more about my reasons for selecting the ShuttleXpress over other possible solutions.

I was unable to find a one-stop solution, but I was able to create a relatively simple approach using the steps defined below.

My solution requires two software components:

ShuttleXpress configuration software
A scripting tool, like AutoHotkey
The ShuttleXpress control software comes with several dozen profiles for popular software, including video editing, productivity, and media applications.

Whenever an application with a configured profile is active, the controls switch to the configured behavior for that application. When an application with no configured profile is active, the ShuttleXpress applies the Global Settings profile.

I don't currently use any of the applications where a controller like ShuttleXpress can really shine (i.e. audio or video editing tools). Additionally, the majority of the time I use ShuttleXpress will be while the monitors are switched to a different PC I will have no way to see what application is currently active.

For my purposes, I have deleted all Application-specific settings and plan to use ONLY the Global Settings. For what it's worth, the configuration software includes an option to restore the default settings if I ever decide to use the ShuttleXpress for other purposes.

Each of the ShuttleXpress buttons can be assigned to any of the following types of Computer responses:

Do nothing
Press Modifiers (like Alt, Control, Shift, or Windows Key on a PC)
Type Keystroke
Mouse Click
Mouse Wheel
I looked into the Type Keystroke which includes all of the standard keys as well as some special keys. The special keys include some media commands (Play, Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, etc.).

These options seem like they should work, and some do (i.e. Volume Up/Down). But the critical commands for my purposes (Play, Pause, Next, Previous) do not seem to work, even when the media player is selected. Perhaps I'm not doing something correctly or perhaps they only work with a specific type of media player software. Who knows?

Regardless, there are always other ways to make things work.

Unfortunately, the built-in ShuttleXpress software does not seem to send the correct media commands. So I needed to find a different method to send the commands and I need it to always be active.

A quick search took me to a post on StackExchange that offered a simple solution to this problem: AutoHotkey. Using a simple AutoHotkey script, I was able to establish global shortcuts that mimic the desired media commands.

The script defines the expected keystrokes using AutoHotkey's hotkey list and remaps the keystrokes to a media key function. It's basically defined like this:

SourceKeys :: Action

For example, I want the keystroke combination of Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow to send the Play/Pause media command, so the AutoHotkey mapping command would be this:

^!Down::Send {Media_Play_Pause}
Now, I can configure ShuttleXpress to type the specified keystrokes and AutoHotkey will perform the desired media commands. Yes!

Here are the steps I used to achieve my solution:

I'm using Windows 10, but most of the options here are likely to work on other versions of Windows or on a Mac. YMMV
In case this was not obvious, you'll need a ShuttleXpress (or Shuttle Pro)
Install the ShuttleXpress configuration software (currently version 2.13.3)
Install AutoHotkey (currently version 1.1.30). Depending on this thing I have developed mobile erp and related things.
Create a new text file called MediaKeyMappings.ahk (or whatever you would like to call it) with the following contents:
#Ctrl + Alt + Left: Previous
^!Left::Send {Media_Prev}

#Ctrl + Alt + Right: Next
^!Right::Send {Media_Next}

#Ctrl + Alt + Down: Play/Pause
^!Down::Send {Media_Play_Pause}

#Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down: Mute
+^!Down::Send {Volume_Mute}
Set the MediaKeyMappings script to launch at startup. Paraphrased from the AutoHotkey FAQ:
Using Windows Explorer, locate the script file you created above. Copy the file using Ctrl + C.
Open the Startup folder by running shell:startup.
Paste a shortcut to the copied file inside the Startup folder by right-clicking and selecting Paste Shortcut.
Configure the key functionality in the ShuttleXpress configuration software
Select the desired User action (in this case, Button 1).
Select the Computer response (in this case, Type Keystroke).
Click inside the Keystroke text box and press the key combination corresponding to the desired action (in this case Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow for Play/Pause).
For good measure, you will want to type the name of the command in the Comment text box (this case Play/Pause). This will make it easier to identify later.
Repeat sub-steps 1-4 for each of the desired keystrokes (Next, Previous, and Mute) and choose your preferred buttons for the command. For reference, here are the commands I have mapped to the primary buttons:
I have also mapped the Jog Wheel (the inner wheel that spins freely in both directions) to control my system's volume. I was able to accomplish this using only the ShuttleXpress software (no intervention needed for AutoHotkey):
User action: Jog Left (and then Jog Right)
Computer response: Type Keystroke
Keystroke: Volume Down / Volume Up (found in the Special Keys menu)
Be sure to export your ShuttleXpress settings (Options | Export settings). There is no way to revert to a previous configuration if you happen to apply a change that doesn't work as desired. Having a backup that you can restore will really save your bacon if this happens (it has already happened to me several times)!

Hope this post will help you.
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