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Multibox question [message #85998] Wed, 08 January 2014 06:11 Go to next message
quicksandjezus is currently offline  quicksandjezus
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Good morning everybody,
I do have a question about some multibox routing thingies.
I've created one listening environment out of 2 ULN 8's
So far I was only mixing in Logic and used my ULN's to do +DSP jobs via the I/O plugin from logic.
I realize this way the summing is done in Logic.
So now I want to take advantage of summing in.
This is what I did.

Working in Logix X with aggregate device to see all of my 40 inputs.
I also hooked the slavebox via AES to the master box to route the audio from the slave via digital 1/2 like in the multibox routing tutorial video.
I always thought it was one or the other, but I can't find my slave inputs if I lose the aggregate devise.
So far it is working, I can hear all of my audio inputs through the master. I've hooked the master buss to the monitor controller via " add to monitor controller "

But then I discovered a few things;
1) If I solo a channel from the master box, it is soloed but I still hear the slavebox.. I did overcome this by creating an in-between buss in the master and route al master channels to this buss. the output of the in-between buss is routed back to the master buss. In this way I can quickly mute the master channels when I want to hear the slave channels. And visa versa I can quickly mute the digital 1/2 buss to hear my master channels.

I recon somebody must be laughing now because this must be a stupid way of working, but I can't find another way.

However. this way of working is giving me another problem;

2) If I solo a slave channel, nothing happens, I keep hearing all my slave channels ?!

This is giving me headaches, I can't find out why.
Please can somebody give me a clear way of understanding and maybe a proper way to work with Logic and MIO.
I'm struggling for over a year now to do advanced things with my set up.

I watched all the tutorial vids a thousand times, read the manual over and over. It doesn't give me enough to become a MIO routing wizard
I did attache a screen shot of my MIO setup Blue is the master, green the slave
Re: Multibox question [message #85999 is a reply to message #85998] Wed, 08 January 2014 10:45 Go to previous message
quicksandjezus is currently offline  quicksandjezus
Messages: 14
Registered: September 2012
Location: The Netherlands
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As often when you're desperate enough to ask a question, you find some answers yourself.

Despite that MIO and firmware are up to date, I found out I was loading an old console version all the time, giving me the above problems.
After my question I got off my safe path and broke everything down, loading the box state instead and was giving me both boxes with all options.
No need for in between busses anymore, solo, solo's the right channel from both boxes ecxept channel 13 of the slave box, but this seemed to be a weird bug in Logic
showing me the output but with no signal ( logic easter egg Wink. I had to switch the channel from mono to stereo and back before it gave me signal.

So far I think it works for now, I keep learning. Next time I will try to to go deeper and create an more complex routing. For now I'm glad I can go on mixing.
Thank you viewers in case you've tried to figure out my questions.

No doubt I will see you soon...
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