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Thoughts On Modern Monitoring [message #87005] Tue, 26 February 2019 21:13 Go to next message is currently offline
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I have been moving towards Tri-Amping my monitors and begun looking at various crossovers to facilitate the effort. Looks like active crossovers have come a long way and I understand a lot of the phase and time alignment issues inherent with passive crossovers have been overcome.

While there are still standalone solutions (DBX Driverack or a Behringer Ultradrive), and I had intended to use SpectraFoo to measure the system, put the settings into the crossover, retest, adjust, repeat. That would work.

Then I started looking into the systems that mastering engineers are using.

There are some very expensive proprietary systems being used but what is very exciting are the systems that create room correction and or crossover filters (FIR or IIR) that are being implemented by users in convolution plugins (mostly AU and VST, although there are some proprietary systems that run on computers as well).

And then I started looking at the 2882.

If I could build an FIR convolution filter for each crossover requirement, and could instantiate some sort of convolution plug-in in 6 channels of the Mobile IO mixer, the 2882 could become a phase-accurate active crossover with room correction, and save a whole step of ADA by not brining in another box! The best scenario would be that the 3D card performed the convolution for each crossover.

I don't see any way to use convolution within Mobile IO directly, so I suppose this is a pipedream. But what a kickass system addition that would be! Laughing
Re: Thoughts On Modern Monitoring [message #87007 is a reply to message #87005] Tue, 26 February 2019 21:20 Go to previous message is currently offline
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The mastering thread I found particularly interesting is this thread). Truth be told this is less about active crossover implementation, and more about Digital Room Correction but the lines are starting to get quite blurred.
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