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no sound until MIOconsole is launched [message #87336] Thu, 19 September 2019 01:54 Go to next message
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Dear forum,

I do not find reports on this issue in any other post, so am I the only one with this issue? > I do not get any sound out of the outputs assigned to the Monitor Controller until I launch MIOconsole.

After starting the computer, our ULN is turned on automatically with a central power switch. Logging in, starting ProTools, iTunes or whatever and playing audio, there is no sound until I open MIOconsole.

Also, the audio signal is ALWAYS dropping out every time MIOconsole is re-launched i.e. when I close the MIO application during sound playback and re-start it, audio drops out for a second or so and then comes back. WHY???

Both of those things never happen with any other audio interface that we owned. Once audio is playing, it should never be interrupted just by launching the software remote control surface. Or is this a general problem with AoIP?

Andreas Rathammer
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Re: no sound until MIOconsole is launched [message #87337 is a reply to message #87336] Thu, 19 September 2019 02:17 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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MIOConsole3d is required to establish the routing of audio on the hardware. So you have to launch MIOConsole3d each time you power cycle the hardware. If you always power down your computer an the devices, set MIOConsole to automatically launch at login; it can be launched hidden.

When MIO Console connects to the hardware, it establishes the routing and DSP configuration on the hardware. In order to do this without potentially crashing the DSP or causing beeps or other noises it needs to temporarily mute the audio. In 2d we have a feature called ConsoleSync that allows MIOConsole to load the currently running configuration from the hardware without disturbing the audio. That feature will be re-implemented for 3d in the not-to-distant future at which point the dropout will no longer occur.

In addition, when we implement ConsoleSync, the hardware will also remember your last set configuration on boot, so you won't need to launch MIOConsole3d to re-establish the last routing/configuration.

For the time being, we recommend you launch MIOConsole3d on login and if you don't need to interact with it, just hide the MIOConsole3d application. It will use almost no CPU when hidden, but will allow you to show the UI and make changes with no interruption in audio.
Re: no sound until MIOconsole is launched [message #87555 is a reply to message #87337] Fri, 10 April 2020 21:40 Go to previous message
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Regarding launching MIOConsole3d hidden.

Whenever I launch MIOConsole hidden, minimize it or focus on another app the monitor volume seems to get stuck on the value it was at before minimizing the or sending the app to the background. So when I adjust the volume using the front panel enconder the volume changes at first but jumps back to its previous value once I let go of the enconder.

Connecting the unit via USB instead of MHLink seems to have fixed the issue so far.

Running on macOS 10.13.6.
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