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aggregate device teeny issue ?. [message #87836] Fri, 01 January 2021 02:46 Go to next message
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Hoping I'm putting this in the right place. I'm noticing one bit of behavior with my system that perhaps there is a way to avoid.

When starting up my system, the interfaces and the MIO console seem to recognize each other and be happy. However, at least sometimes, the aggregate device created by the computer comes up with only a portion of my interfaces therefore some outboard gear isn't heard or some outputs aren't active, etc. It's not always the same units which don't come up.

I tend to suspect boot order as a culprit.

If I reboot the computer it may or may not work the next time (leaving the interfaces powered on).

If I remove the incomplete current aggregate audio device and instead construct a new one everything functions just fine. No rebooting is required. This option seems to always work.

I have 5 MIO interfaces on this particular machine. This behavior has been the same under both Snow Leopard and Lion. I'm on a new audio computer recently and this new machine has the same behavior. Once the functioning aggregate device is created it will certainly work fine for the rest of the time that the computer is left on. I can always select just the interface that has my main outputs as the system interface so any stereo stuff works basically every time. The issue seem to only be about the aggregate device. However, today it got me in Digital Performer where the selected interfaces in it's internal aggregation did the same thing - all 5 interfaces were selected, but only 4 showed up in the bundles and therefore one that I wanted to use wasn't available. I rebooted and the same issue remained. I then removed my broken core audio aggregate device and created a new one, then went into DP and created a new multi interface device and everything worked fine again.

The current workaround is to recreate the aggregate device in any instance this is happening and all is well again.

Currently on a mac pro, running the current build of Lion, using the 5.5 MIO console and drivers released with it. Not sure what the snag is. Since I have a good workaround I can get by, but wonder if there is anything I can do to get this machine to consistently boot up with the MIO interfaces properly recognized.

Re: aggregate device teeny issue ?. [message #87839 is a reply to message #87836] Sat, 02 January 2021 03:09 Go to previous message
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So, aggregate devices in macOS have always been a little flakey. Since all of that is handled at the OS level in CoreAudio, there is nothing we can do to improve the experience.

This is one of the reasons we made 3d and MHLink - so that you can aggregate the units in Hardware, and Coreaudio only sees on audio device. This works much better than CoreAudio aggregates.

Since you are using 5 interfaces, we would strongly recommend upgrading them to 3d. You can learn more about the upgrade here:

and you can order the upgrade here:
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