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L/R not playing at same level in Mono [message #86414] Wed, 27 July 2016 01:44 Go to previous message
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Problem: DAW2 and DAW3 play at approximately 6db lower than other DAW channels.

While listening to music I noticed that the level of DAW2 was lower than DAW1 (by 6+db). This persisted through several stereo tracks so I tested with a mono file and it still occurred. It happens with both my ULN-2 and ULN-8 but after numerous troubleshooting attempts I was able to isolate it to my user. Using the Configure Speaker section in Audio MIDI Setup I also was able to determine that DAW2 and DAW3 preform at a lower level than all the other channels. The steps I've preformed are below but I'm running out of ideas.

Possible red herring: sometimes when I connect my firewire cable with VOX (an audio player) open it will playback on DAW1, DAW2, and DAW3.

Hardware tested: 2D ULN-2 +DSP and 2D ULN-8
Driver: 5.4d232 [1088]
ULN-8 Firmware: 5.0.45

1. Tested four audio players, iTunes, VLC, Spotify, and Vox, with the same results.
2. Loaded a default template and tested.
3. Tested with system output set to a ULN-2 and a ULN-8 (further troubleshooting is done with only the ULN-8).
4. Created a graph in Digital 1/2 and used the noise generator to send the same signal to the main bus and the levels output the same so the problem seems to be with DAW1 and DAW2.
5. Restarted and tested without opening MIO Console. It persisted.
6. Deleted the saved states and MIO Console folder in ~/Library/Preferences.
7. Reinstalled firmware on the ULN-8.
8. Tested the levels with Audio MIDI Setup > Configure Speakers by pressing the channel for the test signal and the levels were still off. The left was peaking. The right was not.
9. Terminal: "sudo nvram boot-args="dart=0x0"Reset PRAM" restarted.
10. Reset PRAM and SMC (for good measure).
11. Started in safe mode and restarted after (this can clears some caches).
12. Logged into a different user and the issue was not present. Logged back into my main user and the issue persisted.
13. Deleted the files in ~/Library/Cache/ and restarted.
14. Terminal: "sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext" No change.
"sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext"
15. Terminal "sudo killall coreaudiod"
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