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general reference on routing between mio and DAW ? [message #85755] Wed, 08 May 2013 00:47 Go to previous message
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Anybody know of somewhere I can get a rundown of how the routing works between the MIO Console and my DAW (Logic) ?

I've watched the tutorials on the MH site and I have recorded using simple configurations using my LIO-8.

Basically I'm trying to understand the following:

1) how is it that the main buss has routings both for input channel strips (in this context it seems to be referred to as a monitor buss sometimes in the tutorials) and also for return channels from the DAW, without creating feedback loops or delays ? Is it really two different busses both called Main, one for inputs and one for outputs ?

2) how would I monitor only what Logic is "hearing" while I am recording ?

3) how would I monitor only one buss of the inputs in the MIO without hearing anything from Logic while I am recording in Logic ?

4) if I'm playing back a mix from logic and I have mics and preamps plugged in, is there a graceful way to pull down one fader and not hear anything from those input channels while I am checking a track or edit without having to pull down all the faders ? (And if I was going to do it by pulling down faders, is it better to do it in MIO or in Logic ?)

5) how do I set up multiple monitor mixes ?

6) is there a way to mult a main monitor mix to some other buss and add in some audio from other single channels (using a channel direct out) in order to have simple "more me" monitor mixes for different musicians ?

any help would be appreciated. I don't mind doing some homework after being referred to the right place. thanks folks
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