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2 LIO-8 get never sample synchronized [message #86453] Mon, 21 November 2016 20:14 Go to previous message
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Hello to all MH fellows,

Great pool of informations here!

So far,happy owner of 2 lio8 with preamps,considering conversion and preamp quality .
Using large frame mixing console,that's why I bought 2 units,and intended to use it as advertised,meaning,16 i/o each,32 i/o both.
Chaining both thru aes is not an option for me,because of the 16i/o loss
Sending the split signal,sine wave,white/pink noise,program +4 dBu/-18dbfs rms,to both unit's analog inputs,going direct out of each analog out,and summing both signals wherever you name it..,even to 2 inputs of one unit,patching straight from box to box,flipping the phase yields only around -20 to -30db of cancellation.It would,and should,be possible to fix it with delay plug,but it is not.Only close.Even worse,the delay value is different every time system starts up,unless leaving boxes on,and starting comp only.But obviously,boxes must be shut down sooner or later.No matter which combination of clocking or connection to computer.Even,running each unit on separate comps with same os (10.6.8) and same driver version.From 5.0 to current one(5.6 I think).Even in stand alone mode.
It makes it impossible to mix and not have phase issues.
Any help is greatly appreciated,if someone could provide exact values to be entered in delay plug to get sample accurate digital audio out of the boxes.

p.s. buffer size doesn't affect it at all. exact audio levels,even they do mean a lot,don't affect it.erasing boot state did help a bit.
It's clearly time correlated problem

Thank you

Best regards

Pedja Avramovic
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