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Newbie Hardware routing question [message #87423] Wed, 27 November 2019 23:08
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Hi, won't be too perturbed if this doesn't arouse anyone's interest, it's pretty basic stuff I understand but I'm more on the composition side and still learning the console - plus there's not much in the way of specific docs for the 3D version that I can find. At present I'm using a pair of EMPQ's and an SSL style stereo comp to print off the odd mono or stereo track back into Logic X. This appears to be working fine and with good results - I know when something is just that right kind of better. However I'm quite keen to have both the eq's and the comp sitting at all times on my master and I'd like to know what the most expedient and dullard proof method would be.

I run Logic X, Lio8, 2xA Designs EMPEQ and Serpent Audio SB4001. At present I have the Lio Line/monitor outs running to 3+4 for the eqs and 5+6 for the comp on their lunchbox, then correspondingly out of the lunchbox and into the Lio Line ins. I have an insert on the Console's Host channel which I send to whatever I'm after then print it into Logic on the corresponding input/s. I get consistent latency coming in which is easy enough to fix but unwelcome. If I attempt to run something through the Eq's then to the comp then I have inserts on the eq channels sending to the comp channels. But this induces a phasing. As an aside, and this may raise a laugh, but if I have stereo outboard on mic console channels, ought they be panned hard right and left?

As I said, basic for someone versed in hardware consoles but I'm pretty sure there's a million things wrong with that set up and I'm bumbling through. I'm aware that I haven't even mentioned the i/o plug in Logic and that's because I'm not using it. I have a strong feeling I should be...but every attempt has further complicated things and the work I do doesn't afford long stretches of down time, however beneficial - neither does my decidedly non logical brain. Confused

Any help with this scenario, or recommendations for more flexible but simple arrangements very welcome. Thanks very much even if you just got this far!
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