Early Access Release 8 of the Metric Halo 3d software is now available for download

A detailed change log is available at the bottom of this message.

The direct download link for the software is:

3d Early Access - pb8

3d Early Access Quick Start Guide

There is an abbreviated quick start guide linked below to help you get started; it has been updated for pb8:

3d Early Access Quickstart Guide

The component versions in this release are:

Package Version:pb8Updated
MIO Console Version:6.0.0 [4088]Updated
Firmware Version :6.0.93Updated
Driver Version :2.0.68Unchanged

Release 8 of Metric Halo’s 3d software includes 8 new features and 40 stability and performance enhancements. This document details these new features and enhancements.

New Feature: Automatically set Cascade in Cue Assign

Generally when re-assigning the output path of a cue controller you will be assigning stereo pairs for headphones or monitors. With the Cascade automatically set, this operation is requires less clicks to assign an output.

Cue Cascade

New Feature: Allow Editing Cue Name by Double Clicking on Cue Name Label

You can now rename a Cue by double clicking on the name in the Cue Controller UI. Before you had to edit the cue output path and rename the output path to change the name of the Cue.

Cue Name Cue Name Edit

New Feature: Edit Strip Configuration via context click

You can now right-click or <control> click on a mixer pane legend to directly access the "Configure Mixer Strip Controls" window for that pane. This removes the need to select that command from the hamburger menu for that pane.

Edit Strip Config

New Feature: Add manual Check for Update command


You can initiate a software version Update Check at any time to determine if there is a new version of the software available.

MIO Console 3d automatically checks on launch and when 3d hardware is connected to the computer.

This new command allows you to check to see if an update is available without having to relaunch the software. To Check for an update, use the MIOConsole3d > Check for Update… menu command.

New Feature: Add Identify Box command

The context menu for the each Unit pane in the System Status Panel now has an Identify Box command.

You can right-click or <control> click on the Unit pane for a box and select the Identify Box command; this will cause the front panel of the associated hardware to show a sinewave pattern on the input and output meters for 5 seconds.

Use this command to easily identify which physical box is associated with the representation of the hardware in MIO Consoled 3d.


New Feature: Add Fine Grained control over Bus master visibility

In the Hamburger Menu for each mixer pane, we have split the "Show Bus Master Strips" item into individual items for each of the bus types (Main, Group, Aux, Solo).

This new feature allows you to partition the various types of bus master strips into different mixer panes. For example, you could put the Main and Group masters into the second mixer pane, while leaving the Aux Masters interleaved with your input strips in the first mixer pane.


New Feature: Connect 2882 Front Panel Mute/Dim buttons

The Mute and Dim buttons on the Front Panel of the 2882 now control the Mute and Dim (-18dB) of the headphone output path of the 2882.

Issue Resolution: Fix Ethernet compatibility issues with 10GbE on iMac Pro

The 10 GbE adapter included with the iMacPro (and other computers) generates Ethernet packets that do not precisely match the Ethernet spec. In order to provide compatibility with this Ethernet controller we relaxed the validation performed in the MHLink Ethernet receiver. This allows the MHLink receiver to interoperate with Ethernet controllers that generate out-of-spec packet preambles.

[Detailed Changelog]

Changes Since pb7: (67 commits)

Firmware Changes since 6.0.89 (23 commits)