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Audio clipping [message #86268] Fri, 09 October 2015 23:54 Go to next message
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Hi, I have a problem with my audio clipping and it driving me crazy, although I'm sure the answer is as simple as the twist of a knob.

I have a Metric halo ULN-2 and a pair of Schoeps. On a few of my recordings I know the mistake I made..... I put the mics 4 inches closer to the guitar but forgot to turn down the gain..... disaster!

My main question tho is..... I have the gain settings on the Metric Halo adjusted so they are not clipping on either the in-put or the out-put they are set high but they never go into the red. The main volume control on the MIO-Console is also turned down a little to avoid clipping. All that done my audio still is clipping...... The only thing left to adjust is the volume controls on the tracks inside Reaper...... am I correct on that? In other words where is the clipping coming from, if it isn't going into the red? As I understand it if it clips it is inside the ULN-2 and not a problem from something in my Daw?

Also, I've been told two opposing things. One friend advised to set the gain as high as it will go before clipping, then another guy told me using the ULN-2 you don't have to worry about that and to set the gain lower. Any advice on this? Thanks!

Here is an example.... the clipping is really bad a 3:00 into the video.
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Please open a support ticket with us. We would like to get an uncompressed file of the original recording so we can take a closer look. It seems like something that is taking place outside the ULN-2, perhaps before it, at the microphone.

The ULN-2 inputs are optimized when the incoming peaks are never above -6 dBFS. On average, you would aim for somewhere in between -15 and -9 dBFS.

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Jon Stern
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