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Forum: Interfaces
 Topic: new MH interface or external preamp/converters
new MH interface or external preamp/converters [message #87987] Sat, 08 May 2021 17:50
Adagietto is currently offline  Adagietto
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Hi everybody,

Happy owner of an uln8 3D and 2882 3D, i need more inputs now.
It's not clear for me to know what is the best way.
My first idea was to take a new interface, lio8 probably.
But I think I could also use the AES inputs of my uln8 and take a preamp/converter device.
For example an Audient asp800.
But I think the Audient quality of preamps and converters will be under MH and if I want to take a high quality preamp/converter (with AES outputs), it will cost at least the price of a new MH interface.

What do people do when wanting to add some inputs?

I am interested if you wanted to share your experiences and opinions.

Best regards,

 Topic: Utilising AES on a LIO for CV signals
Utilising AES on a LIO for CV signals [message #87984] Mon, 03 May 2021 08:39
Luke._ is currently offline  Luke._
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Hi Folks

I've got 3xLIO and 1x2882 all 3d and am very happy with my system.

All of the analogue IO is used up but I'd like to integrate my modular synths into the system by using a DC coupled interface via the 8 channel AES socket if possible.

I realise that the LIO's outputs are DC coupled but it seems a shame to buy and burn a whole Lio for sending clock signals etc. Does anybody have experience of any good value AES converters that might work?


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Forum: MIOConsole
 Topic: MIO Console reading MIO 2882 issues
MIO Console reading MIO 2882 issues [message #87985] Tue, 04 May 2021 22:02
Riley Casey is currently offline  Riley Casey
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I've just bought an MIO2882 after years of not having any and I'm finding some surprises. The MIO is an early +DSP 2882 unit. I've installed the bundle of MIO related MIO files marked as current on the website and enabled Legacy box support but when I start the console it sometimes locks up and the MIO puts out a 2 k tone on the headphone jack. I usually have to restart the console and the power cycle the MIO to get things to settle and even then the console will not fully reflect the stat of the MIO even when set to take it's state. Things like having to the change the monitor level to get It to snap to the actual level and changing the Digital IO state from SPDIF to AES and back to SPIDF to recognize the selection. Worst issue is using the "Identify Box " function will lock up the Console software and generate a sort of low passed pink noise at max level. Power cycling the RIO is the only fix for that.

Firmware is updated to V2.2.08 that came with the software bundle.

Is this working as expected for a box this old or have I done something wrong on the software install? If the later how do I correct it? If the former will installing 3D cards fix these issues or is there likely some other hardware problem?



[Updated on: Tue, 04 May 2021 22:11]

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