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 Topic: Windows 10 - What is working or not ?
Windows 10 - What is working or not ? [message #87880] Mon, 18 January 2021 05:34
MatthieuTibi is currently offline  MatthieuTibi
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I'm thinking of switching my home theater from Mac OS to Windows.
I own a 2d 2882, I'm about to upgrade in 3d (with the SPDIF/ADATx2 EdgeCard)

I have a few questions before, I've searched before here :
https: //

But everything is not clear to me.

- I need 6 analogs outputs (5.1 monitoring)
- I need several inputs : 6 analogs, 2 optical spdif, 1 optical ADAT (6 channels on that input)
- I need an ASIO driver, I can use ASIO4ALL.

If I understand well, I won't have a config panel with windows, but I can connect the 2882 in USB and do the setup with a Mac in RJ45 (which is fine to me).

How many Inputs and Outputs will windows see in USB ?
If my counts are corrects, I need 6 outputs and 16 inputs.

Will it be ok with Asio4all ?

Is there any date for a complete windows driver ?

Thanks !

 Topic: Monitor x-fades
Monitor x-fades [message #87878] Sat, 16 January 2021 08:59
scuzywuzzy is currently offline  scuzywuzzy
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Hi. I'm new here. Been using MH for about 10 years tho and i love the software but switching monitors often causes a pop. I guess it's a zero crossing thing. Sometimes i worry about damaging my speakers when its a really loud one. I guess I could pause the audio every time i switch but it seems like it would be easy to implement a very short fade as each monitor destination (or source) is selected. Or perhaps there's a way to do it that I've missed. I'd be surprised if this has never arisen before, but I couldn't find any mention in the forums. What do you say?

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