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Dominate your dynamics with Transient Control!


Transient Control is a +DSP plug-in that allows you to modify dynamics in ways that aren't possible with traditional compressors. You can directly change the transient ("attack") and sustain of your audio; this allows you to make your tracks more punchy, or smooth them out so they sit in a mix.

The Transient Control features a UI with 3 views:

Basic: Provides access to the Transient, Sustain and Gain controls as well as the input meter.


Basic w/Process Meter: As above, with the addition of a meter that allows you to see the activity of the plug-in.


Advanced w/Process Meter: This view adds access to the advanced controls of the transient and sustain detectors.



Getting a demo

Getting a demo of TransientControl is simple- open MIO Console, go to the "Manage Licenses" window and request a demo. A 30 day license will be installed in your interface!


Below are examples of Transient Control processing in action. Each track is presented dry and wet for comparison. The examples are:



  • Bass: Upright bass made more percussive.
  • Drums: The snare is brought out and the hi hat is reduced.
  • Funky: Electric guitar made to punch through a mix.
  • Acoustic: Acoustic guitar with the attacks smoothed out.