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THD Measurements

The THD Meter is documented in the next revision of the 'Foo manual. It was originally intended for internal use only, but after many requests it has been added to the release version. This is why the UI is not polished.

To select your input, hold the control key and click on the settings button. This will allow you to select your input signal.

The Frequency Locked indicator will come on when the THD Meter senses a single frequency signal, and will display the frequency.

- The S/(N+D): display shows the signal to noise plus distortion measurement. - The THD+N display shows the total harmonic distortion plus noise measurement.

Both measurements are shown as a percentage, as well as their levels in relative (dBr) and full scale (dBFS) units.

The THD Meter also shows the input level referenced to full scale. By clicking the "A-Weight" checkbox, the results may be weighted.

To properly use the THD meter, you must analyze a single frequency signal. An easy way to do this is by using SpectraFoo's Signal Generator, with synchronization enabled.

Audio Scrubbing

To scrub in SpectraFoo Complete:

<control>-click in the capture overview and drag to scrub.

If you turn off “Data Slicing” and route the internal buses into the analyzer devices you can meter and analyze our scrubbing (as well as hear it). It you leave Data Slicing on, the analyzer will look at the underlying audio without the pitch-shifting.

Let me know what you think. I’ve compared it to both Sonic and Pro Tools. We’re definitely better. We’re more inline with Augan (which is pretty impressive with the hardware control surface).

With proper buffering, the UI is still very responsive. So, to get the best response, you definitely still need some RAM, but certainly no more than you need with any of the other audio apps.

Save / Backup Foo Window Sets

To move Foo saves and window sets between users:

Copy the folder:

<admin_user1_home_directory>/Library/Preferences/SpectraFoo Preferences


<foo_user2_home_directory>/Library/Preferences/SpectraFoo Preferences

All window sets are stored in a signal file, so it is currently unable to move/backup only select window sets between users.

Foo Routing

Spectrafoo has a two-layer input routing system. From the Device -> Analyzer then from the Analyzer -> Instruments.

Device -> Analyzer is controlled by the popups in the Analyzer Control and Routing.

Analyzer -> Instruments is controlled via the prefs for each instrument.

Lock scale to Groups

To tie window’s together (matched windows on x-axis), you can use ‘link groups’. Scaling one window will be mirrored in all windows of a group.

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