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Welcome to the Official Metric Halo Mobile I/O Users Wiki

New users can consult the Wiki User's Guide for information on using the wiki software to contribute.

In addition to this user Wiki, please visit the new forum and Metric Halo information links below


Official Metric Halo MIO links

Wiki Topic Pages

- SpectraFoo

- +DSP

- ULN-8

- LIO-8

- ULN-2

- 2882

- MIO Console

- use in the field



It all begins with the search. Try a few different search-terms to find what your looking for. If you don't find the topic you want, feel free to start a new one!

New Topics

Again: Search! (no really). The easiest way to start a new Wiki Page is to search for something that doesn't exist yet. Once you've searched, your results page will show 'no items found' and give you a link (in red) to start a new topic.


Titles are links. That is how the Wiki ties all the different pages together. So be careful when you name your new pages! (see search above).

ex: Spectrafoo and SpectraFoo 

would make two different pages.

ex: ULN8 and ULN-8 

would also make two different pages

Getting started with the Metric Halo Wiki

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