3d Card Early Access

MH EdgeBus

The Portal to Your Future

Upgrading to 3d means that you are prepared for whatever future interfaces you may need. The MH EdgeBus port integrated with every 3d Card accepts Metric Halo’s exclusive high-speed expansion EdgeCards.

In addition to the connectivity already included with the 3d Card, the following EdgeCard variants are now available with the 3d release, with more planned for the future:

MH EdgeCard: SPDIF • AES
MH EdgeCard: ADAT x4
MH EdgeCard: SPDIF • ADAT x2
SPDIF x2 • ADAT x2
MH EdgeCard: SPDIF x2 • ADAT x2
MADI Optical x2
MH EdgeCard: MADI Optical x2
MADI Copper x4
MH EdgeCard: MADI Copper x4
MADI Copper • Optical
MH EdgeCard: MADI Copper • Optical
Eight Channel AES
MH EdgeCard: Eight Channel AES

The Future (proof)

3d is just the start of the next chapter in MH’s audio technologies. We have built future-proof extensibility into the hardware at its base level.

Buy 3d for the problems it solves for you today. With Metric Halo’s 17 year proven commitment to future proof hardware, you can be confident that it will continue to help you solve new problems tomorrow.

Visit the 3d Card Early Access | Overview & Tech Specs to learn more, and sign-up via the 3d Public Beta page and receive updates to the beta software or documentation as changes are made.

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