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3d Early Access Software

Welcome to the 3d Early Access software (current version pb9).

The changes in this version of the software are described in the pb9 Release Notes.

pb9 and newer runs on all versions of macOS from 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) to 10.15.0 (Catalina). You must update to pb8 or newer if you want to run on 10.15+.

pb9 and newer are signed and Notarized with Apple for Gatekeeper in 10.15; earlier versions of MIOConsole3d and the MHLinkDriver may not load on Catalina.

We expect to release new updates to the software every couple of weeks.

The 3d software is ready to use. There are a few planned features that are not complete yet, and there are some Losses of Functionality relative to 2d that have still need to be addressed.

Please look at the list of known issues below to determine if the current release will suit your needs before upgrading your units.

You can download the current Early Access release (pb9) below:

3d Early Access - pb9
Offline Domain Files*

Note: Offline Domain files are provided to allow you to experiment with MIOConsole3d without any hardware available. There are two files in the archive; a one box MHLink domain and a four box MHLink domain. With this Early Access release any configuration you make with these files will not translate directly to your real hardware; you will need to rebuild your real configuration once you receive your hardware.

3d Early Access Quick Start Guide

There is an abbreviated quick start guide linked below to help you get started; it has been updated for pb9:

3d Early Access Quickstart Guide

3d Early Access Announce Mailing List

If you would like to be notified when we post updates to the Early Access software or documentation, please sign up for the 3d Early Access Announce mailing list below:

email address:     

New Functionality for 3d relative to 2d

Known Issues: Temporary Loss of functionality relative to 2d

Known Issues

Known Issues: Functionality for 3d that is not complete