Metric Halo MIOConsole3d Software

MIOConsole3d Software

Welcome to the 3d software download page (current version 6.1.02).

The changes between v.6.1.02 and the previous release are described in the v6.1.02 Release Notes.

v.6.1.02 runs on all versions of macOS from 10.9.x (Mavericks) to 13.x (Ventura). We recommend that all users update to v.6.1.02.

You can download the current release (v.6.1.02) below. The link is through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to increase download speed around the world. If you encounter an error when trying to download, please use the direct download link:

MIOConsole3d - v.6.1.02 [CDN]

MIOConsole3d - v.6.1.02 [Direct Download]
Offline Domain Files*


Note: Offline Domain files are provided to allow you to experiment with MIOConsole3d without any hardware available. There are two files in the archive; a one box MHLink domain and a four box MHLink domain.

Metric Halo 3d Users Guide

There is a PDF manual available for the 3d Hardware and Software; it has been updated for v.6.1.02:

3d Users Guide

The manual is also viewable from the MIConsole3d > Help > Open MIO Manual… menu command. This command checks for updated versions of the manual and will download it from the MH server for you if there is a new version available. If your local version is up-to-date, it will simply open the PDF for you. If you plan of accessing the manual offline, you should use this command to download it while you are online, so that it will be available offline.

3d Announce Mailing List

If you would like to be notified when we post updates to the MIO 3d software or documentation, please sign up for the 3d Announce mailing list below:

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Hardware Installation Guides for 3d Upgrades