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Asia Pacific

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Company Country Territories Phone Website Address Sales Type Store Type
Avtek Productions  Australia  Australia  +61 405 129 837    Special Order Dealer  Internet 
Sound Devices  Australia  Australia  02 9283 2077  Special Order Dealer  Internet, Storefront 
Sounds Easy  Australia  Australia  (02) 8213 0202  Special Order Dealer  Internet, Storefront 
Turramurra Music  Australia  Australia  (02) 9449 8487  Special Order Dealer  Internet, Storefront 
Audio Chocolate  Australia  DISTRIBUTOR for Australia  + 61 3 9813 5877  Distributor  Internet 
Awave  Australia  Australia  + 61 3 9813 1833  Special Order Dealer  Internet, Storefront 
Ding Dong Audio  China  Distributor for China & Hong Kong  0086 13066660077  Distributor  Internet, Storefront 
Bhalerao Enterprises   India  India & United Arab Emirates  +91 0982-3624358  Special Order Dealer  Storefront 
Qube Cinema Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  India  (Formerly, Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)  +91-22-26747280  Real Image  Special Order Dealer   
Brain Music  Japan    +81-422-49-8456  Special Order Dealer  Internet 
Media Integration Inc.  Japan  DISTRIBUTOR for Japan  +81-3-3477-1493  Media Integration Inc.  Distributor  Internet 
Target Studio  Malaysia  Malaysia  6012-325154    Special Order Dealer  Internet 
DMTlogic (M) Sdn. Bhd.  Malaysia    +60 3 7660 4812  Special Order Dealer  Internet 
Protel International  New Zealand  New Zealand Island Nations of the South Pacific  6448019494  Protel International  Special Order Dealer  Internet 
IMS Mahajak Pro Audio Pte Ltd  Singapore  Singapore  +65 63650633  Stocking Dealer  Storefront 
Gearlounge Inc.  South Korea  DISTRIBUTOR for South Korea  +82-(0)2-1688-1176  Distributor   
Music Metro Co., Ltd  South Korea  Metric Halo Software Dealer for South Korea  82-2-3675-2030  Special Order Dealer  Internet, Storefront 
Digital Edge  Taiwan    +886-2546-6153    Special Order Dealer  Internet 
Kimleng Audio  Thailand  DISTRIBUTOR for Thailand  66 (0) 2 312 0009  Distributor