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Metric Halo 2019 Spring Savings SPECTACULAR - Deals End April 2, 2019 Print E-mail


SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA (USA) - MARCH 10, 2019:  Spring Into Savings and enjoy amazing deals on Metric Halo's best selling plugins and SpectraFoo software, and save on NEW Metric Halo 3d Audio Converters, Preamps and Interfaces during the Metric Halo Spring Savings Spectacular (going on now through April 2, 2019).


Metric Halo Production Bundle
The Essential Plugin-Bundle used by Grammy® Award-Winning Engineers and #1 Hit Makers the World Over
MSRP $699 | Now Only $199!


MH ChannelStrip 3
The Legendary Channel Strip Plugin Top Engineers Cannot Work Without
MSRP $179 | Now Only $29!


MH TransientControl
The Ultimate Transient Modifier & Waveshaper
MSRP $179 | Now Only $24!


SpectraFoo Complete
World Class standalone Metering & Analysis Software - Ideal for Live Sound and Mixing
MSRP $549 | Now Only $199!


Get These Deals (And More!): 2019 Spring Sale Flyer


Metric Halo Spring Savings SPECTACULAR




At these prices, all sales are final.
Try Before You Buy:
Metric Halo Demo Central.

Metric Halo UK - Announcing New MH Mic-Preamp/Converter/Interface, Plug-ins and Software Dealers in UK Print E-mail


HODDESDON, UNITED KINGDOM: SCV Distribution, distributors of premium audio technology to professionals and enthusiasts throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, have recently added NEW Metric Halo dealers to their roster in the UK.

Please contact your local Authorized Metric Halo Reseller below to learn more about Metric Halo mic-preamps, converters, interfaces, plug-ins, SpectraFoo, product availability, pricing and more!

Your favorite dealer isn't on the list? Invite them to join Metric Halo's growing global reseller network today.

For new dealer inquiries: In the UK, please contact SCV Distribution at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In all other areas, please contact Metric Halo or your region's local distributor directly.

Veteran Producer/Engineer David Kalmusky Discovers An Ingenious Use Of Metric Halo's SpectraFoo Along With His Use Of "Classic" Plug-Ins Print E-mail


NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: David Kalmusky is a multi-platinum, award-winning producer, engineer and musician who has worked with Journey, Keith Urban, Shawn Mendes, Vince Gill, Justin Bieber, John Oates, and countless others. Together with long-time collaborator, Journey keyboardist, Jonathan Cain, Kalmusky & Cain built a private production studio in Nashville called Addiction Sound Studios. Designed by Chris Huston (The Who, Led Zeppelin, War) to zero-compromise standards, Addiction Sound Studio has a flexible layout, otherworldly acoustics, and all of the best instruments and recording gear available to mortal humans. “We keep everything miked up and ready to create,” Kalmusky said. “You can wander around the building at any phase in a project and keep working.”

In terms of gear, Kalmusky likens the studio to “a Noah’s Arc of recording equipment,” although he’s happy to look forward to future technologies as well as to preserve past classics. “For example, I’ve got a refurbished record cutter from 1938 sitting right next to an iPad that’s running early-alpha-stage software that won’t be commercially available until 2020,” he said. “I’m not an analog snob and I’m not a technology snob; I just love that at this point we can use everything in the history of recorded music and move forward. That said, we did have to restrict our gear list to only those pieces – both hardware and software – that we really love to hear; the things that sound incredible. There’s no time to mess around with things that don’t deliver.” Metric Halo Production Bundle plug-ins, including the flagship Metric Halo ChannelStrip, were obvious keepers.

Metric Halo Hardware and Software Deliver Multi-faceted Performance (Studio, Remote, Mixing and Mastering) for Production Music Company, MidCoast Music Print E-mail


Whether in the studio or on the road, Hanson relies on Metric Halo hardware A/D & D/A conversion, Metric Halo preamps, and Metric Halo Production Bundle plug-ins.



MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN: MidCoast Music is a hard-working outfit of producers, songwriters, musicians, and publishers headquartered on the shores of the Great Lakes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With twenty-plus years in the production music business, production credits stretching back to the 1970s, and catalogs with industry powerhouse Warner/Chappell Production Music, MidCoast Music has carved out a niche for itself by consistently delivering inspired material across a huge range of genres for television, film, and online media. In addition to its core group of musicians, MidCoast Music draws on a talent pool that includes Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver), Robben Ford (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis), Joe Bonamassa, Roscoe Beck (Leonard Cohen), Jon Cleary (Michael Jackson), Victor De Lorenzo (Violent Femmes), and countless others, and it has credits with every major network (from ABC to Zoom!) and practically every show you’ve ever seen (from the Academy Awards to the Super Bowl to WWF Smackdown!).

Live Sound Engineer and Production Manager Joel Livesey Shares His Success with Metric Halo Hardware and Software Print E-mail

alt(PHOTO CREDIT: Joel Livesey at Brooklyn Steel © 2018 Mike Wilson) 

SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA: Freelance audio engineer and production manager Joel Livesey, along with his business partner Connor Sharpe, own and actively use three Metric Halo ULN-2 interfaces, six Metric Halo ULN-8 interfaces, two Metric Halo LIO-8 converters, two Metric Halo 2882 interfaces and all of Metric Halo’s software: the Production Bundle plug-ins, +DSP plug-ins that run on the hardware units, and the SpectraFoo analysis program. Based in Canada but happily ranging over North America and the world, the duo has worked on big events, like the Juno Awards, the Pan Am Games, and major NHL, NFL, & CFL games, as well as innumerable live music tours, including Carly Rae Jepsen, Brand New, and currently, Dashboard Confessional.

Incorporating Metric Halo hardware and software into their live setup solves problems, simplifies connections, decreases latency, and gives them sound quality and reliability that makes for successful shows and repeat clients.

Metric Halo Gear Archives Baylor University's Rare and Valuable Audio Recordings Print E-mail


WACO, TEXAS: Baylor University’s comprehensive library system includes an equally-comprehensive audio/visual archival service headed by Audiovisual Digitization Specialist Stephen Bolech. In addition to digitizing the library’s extensive collections, Bolech is involved in digitization work with the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project, the George W. Truett sermon archives, The Texas Collection, the Baylor University Institute for Oral History, and the Crouch Music and Fine Arts Library collections. On Bolech’s recommendation, Baylor uses two Metric Halo LIO-8 AD/DA interface converters to render faithful digital archives of all the various projects’ phonographic and magnetic analog source material.

Pro Audio News: Metric Halo Welcomes Pretty Sound Corp (China) to Global Dealer Network Print E-mail


BEIJING, CHINA - MARCH 2018: Musicians, producers, mix/ recording/ mastering/ live sound/ broadcast engineers, remixers, vocalists, sound designers, and more can now purchase Metric Halo’s full product line in China, through Pretty Sound Corp.

Pretty Sound Corp specializes in pro audio gear, unlike other retailers that sell a wide variety of mass produced products. Likewise, they make every effort to really know all of the gear they sell.

Please view some of their Metric Halo product listings here:
Pretty Sound Corp (Metric Halo)

Questions about Metric Halo products and availability in China?  Please contact Pretty Sound Corp:

Pretty Sound Corp
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Not in China? Please contact your local Metric Halo Authorized Dealer or Distributor to learn more.

Baylor University Relies on Rock-Solid Metric Halo LIO-8 Interface with Eight Optional Mic Preamps Print E-mail

alt(Dr. Ben Johansen with his colleague, Dr. Scott McAllister, Professor of Composition, with Alinea’s two LIO-8/8 interfaces)


WACO, TEXAS – FEBRUARY 2018: Cultivate Informed Creative Research: these four words summarize the mission of the exploratory music composition lab at Baylor University. “Our students bring so much to their composition classes – they’ve been studying on their instruments for years, they’ve taken intensive music history, theory, and musicianship courses – and they need an inviting space to freely experiment with all of that background knowledge in new and exciting, creative ways,” explained Dr. Ben Johansen, lecturer in “Composition and Computer Music” at Baylor’s School of Music. Together with his colleagues in the department, Johansen has been building out that creative space – dubbed “Alinea” – with tools that are not only beautiful sounding, but also unfailingly robust to near-constant usage.

When Johansen joined the faculty last August, he set to shoring up a few of Alinea’s weak links. The larger eight-channel studio needed a reliable eight-channel interface, and Johansen did a lot of research to find candidate interfaces that were rock solid stable no matter what the situation. “That all-important criteria collapsed the universe of possibilities to just two brands,” he said. “Add to that the additional criteria that the interface would have to work easily and reliably with pretty much every variety of audio and composition software in existence – Logic, Pro Tools, Izotope, Max, Ableton Live, Pure Data, Dorico, SuperCollider and on and on – and it had to sound pristine. Well, that got us down to just one – Metric Halo.”

Veteran Entertainment Tonight Producer Kevin Gershan Relies on Metric Halo Plug-Ins Print E-mail

alt(From left to right – Entertainment Tonight Producer Kevin Gershan and Editor/Mixer Dan Schanks at work in the edit bay at CBS Studio Center in Studio City, CA)


STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 2018: Kevin Gershan has been a producer and director for CBS Television Distribution since 1979. “I have worked closely with audio,” he said, “from my days in radio to my move into television. I started my career working with all the classic analog gear and techniques, and I transitioned through all of the digital formats – right up to the latest digital technologies today.” After Entertainment Tonight’s syndicated radio feature switched over to using Media Composer in an Avid video editing system, Gershan and his team came to rely on Metric Halo plug-ins for their sonic integrity and rock-solid stability.

Touring Audio Engineer Ashton Parsons Discovers Metric Halo Production Bundle Plug-Ins Print E-mail

alt(PHOTO CREDIT: ©2018 Tim Tronckoe)


SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA: "Whether it's a day off on the road or at home in Michigan, I'm always sitting in front of Pro Tools, and Metric Halo plug-ins are becoming a bigger and bigger part of that experience." So, says Ashton Parsons, a mostly-touring audio engineer who also runs the Michigan-based project studio Sentimental Dreams. He most recently served as the production manager, monitor engineer, & post-production re-mixer for the chart-topping girl group Fifth Harmony. In his latter role, he has re-mixed live performances for Disney TV, a Disney Christmas special, and Showtime at the Apollo on Fox. Proof that he's happy to jump genres, Parsons also remixed Disturbed's Live at Red Rocks and did several live videos from the same tour. He also recently completed Anthrax live in Japan for the European release of "For All Kings." Black Label Society and Papa Roach have also relied on Parsons' knack for delivering mixes that magically convey the intensity of the live experience for the small screen.


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