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Mobile I/O Captures Miss USA Print E-mail


For the last 10 years, freelance recording engineer Eric Rudd has been involved with a side project that has allowed him to escape the studio and visit such exotic locales as Africa, Cyprus, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Hawaii. Last year, Rudd, a music coordinator for two of the Miss Universe Organization’s annual pageant telecasts as well as a busy recording engineer, discovered Metric Halo Mobile I/O, a digital recording, editing and mixing solution that allows him to transition seamlessly between the worlds of music recording and broadcast.

It's Not Unusual to Find Metric Halo On Stage with Tom Jones Print E-mail


To say that guitarist Brian Monroney (Tom Jones, Gloria Estefan) is a huge fan of Metric Halo is an understatement. Currently on tour with Tom Jones and a production that uses three Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882 devices, with two more Metric Halo units in his home production facility, Monroney reveals that he saw the potential of the portable digital audio recording/editing/mixing system from day one.

Mobile I/O: No Brainer for Brain Print E-mail

brain SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Well-known for his past work with Primus, as well as the current line-up of Guns N’ Roses, drummer Brain (Bryan Mantia) has been pursuing a parallel career in computer music and beat programming for the past few years. Using two portable Metric Halo setups, Brain is able to bring his programming talents to bear on multiple projects simultaneously.


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