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Bobby Brooks Finds Metric Halo's ChannelStrip Completes His DAW Print E-mail


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: After more than 25 years in the business, producer, mixer, and studio and live sound engineer Bobby Brooks boasts an impressive resume that spans many musical genres, from classic Motown to heavy metal. In that time, Brooks, who operates out of his own Archangel Studio, has used every music production tool out there, but none has proved more essential than Metric Halo's ChannelStrip plug-in.

Metric Halo Stars in Film And Television Print E-mail


NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Manhattan-based television and film composer Daniel Antonio Srebnick has plenty to celebrate since adopting Metric Halo's Mobile I/O 2882+DSP production interface 18 months ago. No longer tethered to the recording studio, Srebnick is enjoying the newfound creative freedom resulting from his transition from a full-blown DAW system.

Grammy-Award Winning Mixer/Producer Serban Ghenea Comfortable Working In “The Metric Halo Box” Print E-mail


VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA: Once upon a time, R&B legend James Brown was rightfully known as the hardest working man in show business. But times change. These days, that title might more accurately be applied to mixer Serban Ghenea, whose total transition from the analog to the digital audio world, made that much easier by Metric Halo's ChannelStrip software, has allowed him to build a credits list that knows few musical boundaries.

Mobile I/O Delivers Olympic Performance Print E-mail


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: English composer Julian Scott's unique approach to film, television and special projects, in which he combines sound design and effects with music, has brought his work to a world stage for numerous unique projects. Most recently, Scott produced the soundtrack for the entire Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, during which Metric Halo's Mobile I/O 2882 and ULN-2 played critical roles.

FOH Engineer Sean Sullivan On Tour With Metric Halo Print E-mail


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Technical specs may change from tour to tour but the one constant for any itinerant sound engineer is their laptop computer. Busy freelance engineer Sean Sullivan's laptop, combined with Metric Halo's Mobile I/O 2882, has become an essential piece of gear on the road for him. It provides critical signal analysis and metering tools via Metric Halo's SpectraFoo software, while the MIO gives him signal routing that is frequently unavailable in touring sound systems.

Mobile I/O Brings Moore Into The Digital World Print E-mail


NIJMEGEN, HOLLAND: Ryan Moore's Twilight Studio, located in Nijmegen, Holland, boasts a mouth-watering complement of vintage analogue processing, recording, and mixing equipment, which he uses to add the special sonic sauce to his Twilight Circus Dub Sound System releases. But Moore's latest acquisition, a Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882 audio processing system, has brought him kicking and screaming into the digital world and, he says, has opened up a whole new way of working.

Diament Finds Mobile I/O Direct To Stereo Ideal For Location Recording Print E-mail


NEW YORK, NEW YORK: After more than three decades in the business, engineer Barry Diament recently expanded his services to include direct to stereo location recording. Searching for a portable and sonically transparent interface for his PowerBook, he heard about Metric Halo's Mobile I/O 2882+DSP and was thrilled to discover that it lived up to its reputation.

Hale's Halo Print E-mail


NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: As a musician, composer, arranger, and producer, Jack Hale has had a long and illustrious career. He has recently been involved in a variety of musical productions scheduled for release during this year that have benefited from his use of Metric Halo's powerful ChannelStrip and SpectraFoo plug-ins.

The Passion For Metric Halo Print E-mail


ROME, ITALY: A location sound recordist with a passionate, audiophile approach to his craft, Maurizio Argentieri found the audio interface of his dreams two years ago when he read about Metric Halo’s Mobile IO 2882+DSP on the Internet. An audio engineer in the Italian film industry for over 15 years, the Rome native’s recent work can be heard in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” as well as Mike Barker’s upcoming "A Good Woman" and Michael Apted’s much anticipated HBO series, “Rome.”

Bob Katz: Mastering Audio With SpectraFoo Print E-mail


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA: Recording and mastering engineer Bob Katz is well known in the industry as a digital audio guru whose informative articles and equipment reviews may regularly be seen in print as well as online. Katz, who owns and operates Digital Domain, a mastering facility close to Orlando, Florida, reports that Metric Halo's SpectraFoo signal analysis and metering software has proven itself to be an indispensable tool, regardless of the task.


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