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Introducing the ULN-R Mic Pre option for LIO-8

Channels 1-4 Upgrade Kit: $565    Now On Sale, Only: $425

 Channels 5-8 Upgrade Kit: $505    Now On Sale, Only: $379

Upgrade to 8 Channels all at once for: $1000    Now On Sale, Only: $750


Since its release in 2009, the ULN-8 has garnered rave reviews for its sonic quality.




We based the LIO-8 on this platform to provide the same sonic excellence for users that don't need 8 channels of mic pres; editing, mastering and mix suites as well as those that use analog consoles or their own mic pres.

So why add mic pres back?

You may find yourself needing pres after purchasing a LIO-8. Rather than forcing you to buy more gear (or sell your LIO to buy a ULN-8) we give you the option to upgrade. We call this "Future Proof" and it's part of the design philosophy at Metric Halo.

This also lets you build a system over time; buy a LIO-8 today to get outstanding conversion and processing. Add four channels of ULN-R mic pres later, and another four after that. You can even add a +DSP license to your LIO-8 to tap into the full capabilities of the 2d card in your LIO-8.

Another benefit of having the ULN-R mic pres onboard is that you can take advantage of the LIO's flexible signal routing to use the Mic and Line inputs with the Sends to create pre-A/D convertor insert points.

What's so great about the ULN-R pres?

The ULN-R mic pre possesses virtually every characteristic that is coveted in a Mic Preamp: exceptionally low noise at all gains, exceptionally high gain, excellent common mode and RFI rejection, incredibly flat frequency response, and ultra-low distortion. It simply increases the level of what you put into it without having to consider the nature of the source: Dynamic Mics, Phantom Powered Mics, Ribbon Mics, turntables, Instrument or line level signals are all handled with equal ease and quality.


Preamp Rails ±15.8 Volts
Phantom Power 48 ± 0.1 Volts
Max Phantom Current Per Mic 10 ma
Mic Pre Input + ADC
Input Impedance 3.3 kΩ
Dynamic Range (-60 dB, flat 0-22.05 kHz, typ) 115 dB
Dynamic Range (-60 dB, A-weighted, typ) 118 dB
Noise Floor (flat 0-22.05 kHz, typ) 115 dB
Noise Floor (A-weighted, typ) 117.9 dB
Gain Range -22 dB to +91.5 dB
Gain Precision ±0.05 dB
Gain Step 0.5 dB
THD D/A/A/D loop @ -12 dBFS 0.0007 %
THD D/A/A/D loop @ -12 dBFS +12 dB Gain 0.0015 %
THD D/A/A/D loop @ -0 dBFS 0.0023 %
Crosstalk @ 1kHz -110dB
IMD 1k component (19 kHz/20kHz @ +8dBu) -104 dBu
EIN @ 60 dB Gain (150Ω Source Impedance) -130.50 dBu
EIN @ 60 dB Gain (0Ω Source Impedance) -133.25 dBu
Analog Send Calibration (ADC = 0 dBFS) +21.5 dBu
Phantom Power (Switchable Per Channel) +48 Volts
Mic Pre + ADC Frequency Response
+0/-0.1dB @ fs = 44100 Hz 8.9 Hz - 20.5 kHz
+0/-1.0dB @ fs = 44100 Hz 2.9 Hz - 21.0 kHz
+0/-0.1dB @ fs = 96000 Hz 8.9 Hz - 43.9 kHz
+0/-1.0dB @ fs = 96000 Hz 2.9 Hz - 45.4 kHz
+0/-0.1dB @ fs = 192000 Hz 8.9 Hz - 42.1 kHz
+0/-1.0dB @ fs = 192000 Hz 2.9 Hz - 64.7 kHz
5° low-end in-channel phase deviation point 20.0 Hz
Interchannel phase 0 Hz - 20 kHz < ±0.05°
Crosstalk from SMPTE Input < -142 dB

How to get it

Installing the ULN-R option is simple- open the top casing, remove the DB25 block-off plate from the rear panel, install the mic pre(s) and riser card and replace the top casing. If you are not comfortable working with static-sensitive electronics, you can have us do the upgrade for you; when you order your upgrade, we will issue an RMA for you to send your unit into the Custom Shop and our technicians will install the option for you. Turn around time is typically 1 week from date of receipt of the unit.

If you simply want to order a new LIO-8 with the mic pre option pre-installed at the factory, you can do that as well; this version of the LIO-8 is available directly from Metric Halo via Metric Halo Direct.