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$129, or part of the $449 Production Bundle
Software requirements:

• AAX: Pro Tools 10 or 11 for Mac/Win
• AU: Any Mac AU host (32 & 64 bit)
• iLok key and account (AAX and AU)



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HaloVerb is a plug-in that allows you to add ambience and depth to your recordings. Based on the original HaloVerb for 2d Expanded Metric Halo interfaces, the AAX and AU versions expand on the great algorithmic sound to give you more flexibilty and control. Use the reverb impulse to see the reverberant field as you make adjustments, or hide the graphics and let your ears be your guide.

Notable features include:
  • Low and High frequency pre-filters with graphic display
  • Reverb impulse display to show the shape of the reverb
  • Reverb times of up to 7 seconds
  • Stereo width control


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Please note that this changelog incorporates changes for all Production Bundle plug-ins across all supported formats.



  • Fix alignment issue with some UI elements in ChannelStrip
  • [AU] Fix issue in some hosts where parameter updates may be lost
  • Fix for potential crash on deinstantiation in Multiband Plugins
  • [AU] Fix for crash in some hosts (specifically FCPX) due to initialization on a thread
  • [AU] Fix meter reset for MultibandCompressor
  • [AU] Fix meter reset for MultibandExpander
  • [AU] Fix potential crash in HaloVerb
  • [AU] Fix meter reset for Character
  • Fix meter allocation for MultibandExpander
  • Fix analysis buffer allocation for MultibandExpander
  • Fix analysis buffer allocation for MultibandCompressor
  • Fix analysis buffer allocation for De-Esser
  • [AAX] Add support for PT11 and 64-bit build
  • [AAX-Win] Implement full optimization for host code (decreases CPU usage)
  • [AAX-Win] Implement 64-bit Installers
  • Sign Binaries for PT 10.3.x / PT 11
  • Fix auto-suffixing of parameter readouts to deal with negative numbers
  • [TransientControl] Fix (extend) range of the sustain parameter
  • Fix locking for threaded plotter of crossover functions to avoid potential race condition and crash
  • [Mac] Fix problem with signing 32-bit binaries (led to corrupted PT 10.3.x plugins)
  • Fix Gain Reduction meters for PT reported meters (so that PT11 and control surfaces render them properly)


  • Fixed potential problem with licensing code when plugin scanner opens and closes plugin very quickly
  • Moved drawing of HaloVerb impulse response onto background thread for responsiveness
  • Moved drawing of Multiband dynamic EQ response onto background thread for responsiveness
  • Added caching for background image of plugin window to reduce CPU used for drawing static image
  • Fixed incorrect interpretation of wet/dry parameter when computing HaloVerb impulse response display
  • Optimized computing HaloVerb impulse response display
  • Optimized redraw of EQ response curve
  • Fixed problem with incorrectly showing that preset was changed (when it wasn't) via Compare button
  • Deferred redraw of UI until host sends parameter changed message -- fixes PT UI pauses when changing certain parameters
  • Fixed problem with parameter notification that caused recording of automation for ChannelStrip to not function
  • Added work-around to fix problems with multi-parameter touch automation recording in Logic (works-around Logic bug)


  • Soft Interpolation of band Bypass in ChannelStrip EQ
  • Fix slight transparency on some controls
  • Fixed problem with tool-tip tracking
  • Fixed problem with phantom mouse clicks after dragging beyond UI boundary
  • Fixed problem with silent output from CS2/CS3 on some hosts with disconnected sidechain input
  • Fixed problem with compressor gain state on instantiation
  • ChannelStrip: removed recall of Bypass from preset state (to match standard PT behavior)
  • Add support for Mac OS 10.5
  • Add support to cancel text entry with ⌘. (Command + .) [Control. (Control + .) on Win]
  • Fixed interpolation to support bit-clean bypass
  • Fixed noise problem with LF high-pass filters
  • Fix problem with tooltips appearing even if window is covered by another window or is hidden
  • Added a preference to control auto-enable of bands to the Transfer Function popup menu in ChannelStrip 3
  • Fixed interpolation in ChannelStrip:

    • Stereo EQ bands
    • Compressor/Limiter threshold
    • Stereo Gate
  • Fixed interpolation in Multiband Dynamics:

    • Compressor/Limiter threshold
  • Knee control in ChannelStrip 3 is hidden when not in "MIO" character mode
  • Added version number reporting and update notification
  • Initial release for Windows AAX
  • Initial release for Macintosh AU
  • Initial release of ChannelStrip 3 for GarageBand


  • Fixed issue with grunge when DSP is filled with MH Precision De-esser
  • Further optimized CS3, Precision De-esser, and MH MultibandDynamics, leading to an increase in instance counts
  • Fixed bit-cleanliness on bypassed CS3 blocks -- so now CS3 with phase invert nulls with unprocessed audio


  • Substantial optimization of the processing code, especially for HDX
  • Accurate Cycle Counts for HDX
  • Enhanced control surface page table layouts
  • Fix for some corner case bugs that apparently can cause a DSP crash on heavily loaded systems
  • Additional interpolation of various parameters in the plugins to provide glitch free parameter changes
  • Fixed a conflict between CoreGraphics and DAE that can lead to DAE errors (DSP + Native), CPU Spiking or CPU overloads (Native)
  • Fixed a filter stability issue for high session sample rates
  • Fixed an issue where the average trace in the analyzer view can get stuck
  • Reduce the size on disk and in memory of the plugins
  • Fixed some missing control surface metering support and clip detection
  • Fixed some small graphic anomalies
  • Fix for detector for classic compressor in CS3 when Side-Chain filter is enabled
  • Signed installer for Mountain Lion compatibility

1.0: Initial release for Macintosh AAX