MIO Console
Current Version 5.4.198

MIO Driver
Current Version: 5.4d214

MIO Firmware
Current Version: 2.2.08 - Legacy Boxes
Current Version: 5.0.41 - 2d Expanded Boxes

  • Certain models of Mac hardware will not power a Mobile I/O on startup: Some models of the new Mac Intel computers have a new protection circuitry that will not allow the Mobile I/O hardware to power up. The IEEE 1394 specification has a limit on the in rush energy that a device is allowed to consume, and the Mobile I/Os (and many other bus-powered devices) exceed this spec. This is only an issue during the startup power transient, once the MIO has booted, it can run off of the power provided by the FireWire bus.
    Issue Number: 551

  • Analog input adjustments on 2882 result in zipper noise in audio: Changing the gain of an input on the 2882 and 2882+DSP may result in some zipper noise being introduced to the signal. This zipper noise is symptomatic of the digital pots used in the design of the MIO 2882. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this, so there will always be some level of zipper noise when changing the gain level by using the knobs, usually the worst on analog input 3. Many times, though, the noise may be negligible. Entering a new gain level directly into the text field will significantly limit the effects of this.

  • MIO Console only displays metering for seven master busses: While you may create as many master busses in MIO Console as the DSP has power for, only the first seven will have metering. Bus 8 and higher will pass audio but will not have active meters. This is due to a limitation of the metering mechanism in the current DSP code.