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Tech Note #7: Creating Mono Outputs in Logic

By Dennis Gunn and Allen Rowand

Revision 1.0 - March 31, 2009

In this example, we'll create 8 mono busses

NOTE: You must have Logic in Universal Track Mode for this technique to work.

Create eight discrete mono busses in the Environment and put an I/O plugin in the first slot of each one. Just to keep things neat, select them all and in the parameter box at the left of the page enter "out 1" which will automatically cause all of the selected buses to be consecutively named. It will look like this:


Now open the I/O plugin for each channel and set it so that the output matches the channel:


If you have it set up the same as I have, buses 51 through fifty eight are assigned to outs 1 through 8.

If you want things to be a little more clear open the I/O labels from the main menu and label them:



Now when you open the route destination or send for a channel you will be able to see all the that are buses assigned to outputs listed by the name of the output:


The bus labels are not local for songs, so once you enter them they will be that way for any song you open on that computer until you change them. If you expect you will be wanting to do this often just do the above steps in a new song and then use the save as template function to save it as a replacement for the template named "new song".

Now your new Logic outputs 1-8 will be DAW channels 1-8 in the MIO.