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Stories From the Road

By Allen Rowand

March 13, 2008

06: Fort Lauderdale, or Not Much To Say

Sometimes it just works.

We had a very uneventful load-in, and tuning was pretty simple. Here's a screengrab from the tuning session:


As you look at the level meters (the first 3 are in the orchestra seating, then the mezzanine and balcony with my console feed on channel 8) the average RMS levels (the white lines in the level meters) show a fairly even drop in level as the microphones get farther away from the speakers. In the Spectragraph, the green line is the mid-orchestra mic and the red line is the balcony. There's a little resonance from the room (and proximity to the subwoofers) below 125 Hz downstairs, and natural high end loss due to distance upstairs. Overall, the system performed very nicely.

The house audio head (Mario) was helpful and fun. The crew was good. The restaurants were close and good; they even gave us a discount for being with the show. All was well with the world, until we had a cable failure between system check and the top of the show, and realized 5 minutes before the curtain went up that we'd lost the vocal clusters. But that's another story. All I can offer in the way of entertainment this time is a picture of the house, taken from the stage.


Until next time,